Winter Activities for Tweens

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Is it cold and snowy in your little corner of the world?  Boy, it is here.  It seems like winter is never ending this year for some reason.  Part of me enjoys the more laid back pace that winter forces on me, but I also struggle with the homeschool blues more in the winter.  So do my children, especially my tween.  However, I’ve found that it always helps to keep busy, and some things that are just more fun in the winter.  So today I’m sharing winter activities for tweens.

Does your tween have a case of the winter blues? Check out these great winter activities for tweens!

Get Creative

Make Scarves – Did you know you can make a scarf in less than 10 minutes?  It’s true, check it out here.  This is a no-sew project, so it’s definitely easy enough for the kiddos.

Make bird feeders – Our feathered friends can always use a little extra food in winter.  Why not make a bird feeder?  Don’t get stuck in the pine cone bird feeder rut though.  Check out these other neat ideas.

Try some origami – Origami is a relatively new thing at our house, probably because it’s slightly complicated.  This is one that would be hard for the younger kids to tag along on but my tween loves it.  Check out these easy origami penguins.

Snowman Painting – Do your kids love to paint like mine do?  Why not check out this cool guided paint for a snowman.  Another neat option is to paint a snowman on rocks, like these.

Snow Slime – Have your kids hit the slime craze age yet?  If not, brace yourself, it’s coming!  I will say that this one may take some patience, but you might as well get used to it, right?  Check out this great recipe for snow slime.

Create some tortilla snowflakes – I love this kitchen project because it’s tasty but also gives my kids a chance to be creative.  Get the full instructions here.

Winter Cake – My girls love to cook and especially to decorate cakes.  For winter a simple snowman cake or pretty snowflake cake is the perfect project.  (Don’t worry I won’t tell if you use boxed cake mix or store-bought icing.  Your secret is safe with me!)

Fire up the Imagination

Film a travel video – Are you tweens future nature guides?  Why not let them practice their travel agent skills as well as make a winter travel video.  What would it be like to travel to Alaska in the winter?  How about a nature documentary on polar bears or penguins?  Watch out, they could get some learning time in on this one.

Build an igloo – Of course, this would work best if you have a ton of snow, but it’s always surprising how creative older kids can get with a large box, some duct tape, and a plan.  This is one of my favorite winter activities for tweens.

Host a luau – What better time to have a luau than when it’s freezing outside.  Grab some friends and some grass skirts and get your summer on!

Bring back summer with some smores – Our family loves to camp, so nothing says summer to us like smores.  Thank goodness these are easy to make in the microwave.  For the full effect pull out a picnic blanket or some camping chairs.

Sneak in Some Learning

Pull out some Winter Writing Prompts – Winter is a great time to brush up on some of those lagging skills, like writing.  With the right writing prompts your kids won’t even realize they are learning at the same time.

Explore the science of winter – Winter is full of things that can be explored.  You can check out the science of ice, complete some winter STEM activities, or even make instant ice.

Read a new book – Winter is the PERFECT time to curl up with a great new book.  It works out even better if you pick a series.  The ones below were BIG hits at our house.

Write & Illustrate a winter story – Does your tween love to write?  Why not let them write and illustrate a winter story?  You can buy blank books like the one pictured below so it’s more like a real book.

Play some board games – We love board games and it seems so cozy to break one out for the whole family while we watch it snow.  Ticket to Ride is our new FAVORITE.  It really is an awesome game.  Pull out your favorite for some tween winter bonding.

So there you have it, my favorite winter activities for tweens.  Does your tween like to stay busy in the winter?  Tell me some of your favorite activities.  (Need more tween activities?  Check out my 30 Fall Activities for Tweens.)

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