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Confession Time……I’m sort of bad with pictures.

Okay, I’m actually terrible with pictures.  When my youngest daughter was born, we were speeding to the hospital, with me doubled over in labor pains, before I remembered a camera.  Her entire birth was captured on a disposable camera that my sister picked up from the hospital gift shop.  The disposable camera that I eventually lost.  (I see the words I promise you aren’t adopted popping up sometime in the future.)

Are you looking for an awesome way to display your summer memories? Check out Stick up Pix, the company that makes displaying your pictures quick, easy, and painless.

The invention of the cell phone has seriously reduced my photo woes.  Now I always have a camera on hand.  I capture all of those great little moments with the full intention of covering my walls with beautiful family photos.  Except I don’t.

I’m embarrassed to say this, but until recently I didn’t have even one family photo on the wall.  It just seems like SO MUCH WORK to me.  I mean I have to take the picture, have it printed, buy the frame, and then NAIL it to the wall.  My husband SERIOUSLY hates nails in the wall, so for the sake of our marriage (or maybe just because I’m lazy), I skip it.

Not anymore though!  I’m proud to say that I now have not one, but THREE pictures hanging on my wall.  That’s right, three actual pictures of my family.  All made possible by a company called Stick Up Pix.  (Make sure you read all the way to the end to grab my coupon code!)

What is Stick Up Pix?

I’m so glad you asked.  Stick up Pix is a company that takes photos straight from your cell phone and creates gorgeous photo tiles Stick Up Pix - The solution to your picture problems!for your wall.  These pictures are not only beautiful but they are also hung without nails, making them perfect in my book.  You can even move these little bad boys around multiple times, so they go great with my indecisive nature.  (Want to see Stick Up Pix in action?  Check out my Facebook Live here.)

I couldn’t wait to receive my Stick Up Pix order.  I was seriously intrigued with this product, beautiful pictures that are hung without nails, no way. When the box arrived, I tore into it like a kid on Christmas.  This product lives up to the hype!  The pictures are amazing, and I have seriously been all around my house sticking and removing these pictures. I’ve tried my best to get them to fail, but they just won’t.  They are super lightweight and hold well, no matter how many times I move them.


Stick Up Pix graphic comparing picture arrangementsWant to use a filter on your photos?  No problem.  You can use any photo app to modify your pictures and then save them to your photo library.  I believe my next purchase will be a black & white mural for my bedroom.  Oh, another thing, the pictures I used were quick snapshots from my phone.  I didn’t preplan them or take them just for this order.  They were just everyday life and shot in pretty bad lighting.  I seriously had doubts that Stick up Pixs would be able to turn them into something beautiful, but they surpassed my expectations.  

Another great perk is that all the ordering is completed directly from an app on your cell phone.  It’s the easiest thing ever!  You simply select three photos from your camera roll, adjust them, and order.  It’s super simple!

The first three squares are $49 and then you can add additional squares for $9 each.  Put off by the price?  Don’t be. Just think of how much money it takes to get a picture on your wall!  You have to pay to have the picture printed, buy a frame, and then pay for marriage counseling because you’ve put 400 holes in your wall trying to hang the silly thing.  Plus today they are offering a 20% off coupon code for my readers!

Ready to check it out?  Download the app now!  You can have your pictures completed and on the way in less than 10 minutes.  Visit to see more details.  Be sure to use the coupon code HomeschoolBlogging20% to save 20% today.  Think of the summer memories you can capture!


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