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Freezer Prep Instant Pot Rice – The Simple Trick you Need in Your Life!

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Do you love rice?  I will admit, I was sort of late to the rice party. Until I starting eating healthier I wasn’t much of a fan.  Still today I don’t LOVE brown rice.  I did, however, find something better.  It’s brown Basmati rice.  I am seriously in LOVE with this stuff.  Plus Instant Pot rice is SUPER easy to make and it freezes really well.

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Would you like to shave time off your dinner routine? Check out my Freezer Prep Instant Pot Rice!Why do I love rice?

It’s incredibly versatile and can really round out a recipe.  Not to mention it’s incredibly CHEAP!  Two wins for me.  It’s also really easy when you have it prepped and stashed in the freezer.  It makes any meal of the day come together in a snap.

Why rice in the Instant Pot?

Honestly, because this is the ONLY way I have ever been able to fix rice that suits me.  It seriously comes out perfect every time.  Plus I can make large batches and then freeze it for later.  You have to try it!  It’s honestly so simple that I questioned myself about even putting it on here.  However, I would hate to think that someone is missing out on this.

So now let’s get to it……..

What you need:

Yeah, other than water, that is seriously ALL you need.  Pretty simple huh?

From here it’s simple:

  • Add 2 cups of rice to Instant Pot
  • Stir in 3 cups of water
  • Set to manual pressure for 28 minutes
  • Use natural pressure release
  • Freeze into individual baggies

See, it’s seriously easy as can be but you won’t believe how handy it is!  Some people add less water, but I’ve found this makes the rice really dry, so I add the full 3 cups.  Once the Instant Pot rice is ready it’s easy to make stir-fry, chicken & rice soup, or even my quick & easy breakfast rice.

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Freezer Prep Instant Pot Rice - The simple trick you need in your life!
Image of a bowl of rice with text "Freezer Prep Instant Pot Rice"
Course Freezer
Course Freezer
Image of a bowl of rice with text "Freezer Prep Instant Pot Rice"
  1. Add water & rice to Instant Pot.
  2. Set pressure to manual for 28 minutes.
  3. Use natural pressure release.
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