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Raising Godly Girls with Character

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Once, years ago, I heard a man tell his son, “the only thing you can leave behind is your name, so make sure it is a good one.”  This struck me as a profound piece of wisdom, one that I often impart to my young daughters.  The simple truth is that nothing can leave this world with us, but there are some things we can leave behind.  Our name or legacy is one.  So when I set my goals for raising Godly girls their character is always at the top of the list.


Why is teaching character an important part of raising Godly girls?

Because every issue of value in life essentially boils down to character.  Have you loved enough?  Served enough?  Are you meek enough?  The things that are important and truly matter in this life always come down to character.  A good job is fantastic, but I’m more concerned with what kind of person they will become.  The money will be irrelevant if they miss the mark on the rest.

So what character traits are important for Godly girls?

I have been blessed with a guest posting opportunity over at Like Minded Musings.  For the month of June, she is running an amazing series on Raising Godly Girls. Finish reading How to Teach Character when Raising Your Godly Girl at Like Minded Musings.

What is important when you are trying to raise Godly Girls? To me I believe we need to teach our daughters to have character.

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