You Might Be A Homeschool Mom If……..

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So I was thinking about the Homeschool Mom the other day, about how we are a bit “different” from other moms.  We aren’t a working mom, but not quite a stay-at-home mom either.  It’s almost like we are both at once, but at the same time totally different from each.  So today I thought I would examine the homeschool mom, all in good fun of course.  So here we go……

You might be a homeschool mom if.......

You might be a homeschool mom if……….

  1. You’ve ever said the words, “Don’t eat that!  It’s a science project!”
  2. You have ever used birthday money to buy more bookshelves.
  3. If you know the best brand of pencils to buy (It’s Ticonderoga people)… might be a homeschool mom.
  4. You are on a first name basis with your UPS man, because he brings all your used book purchases from Amazon.
  5. You get giddy over red ink pens and label makers.
  6. You base family vacations around museum locations.  (Bonus points if there are historical sites nearby as well)
  7. You’ve ever completed a unit study while at the beach. (True story, I did!)
  8. The word “socialization” makes you cringe.

  9. If you refer to the family dog as the class pet… might be a homeschool mom.
  10. Your home has glue in several places that it shouldn’t have glue, like on the floor, the windows, or all over the porch.
  11. If you have ever threatened to call the “principal,” at work, in the middle of the day, to tattle on your own children… might be a homeschool mom.
  12. You talk about Charlotte Mason or John Holt as if they are close personal friends.
  13. You refuse to make any major decisions without first consulting Cathy Duffy.
  14. You ALWAYS have a never-ending pile of dishes because your school serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and multiple snacks.
  15. If you know, for sure, that math assistance will be needed EVERY time you sit down on the toilet……you might be a homeschool mom
  16. You have ever showered while listening to a child read out loud.
  17. You never go to the grocery store, or the dentist, alone.
  18. If you get to enjoy lazy snuggles EVERY morning, cuddle on the couch to read, and have impromptu picnics in the middle of a school day…….you might be a homeschool mom.

So there ya go…..How to KNOW you are a homeschool mom.  Are you a non-homeschool mom that identifies with most of these?  Then it might be time for you to come over to the dark side!  Want to know what a homeschool mom is NOT?  Check out these homeschool mom myths!  





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