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Homeschool Mom Myths – Are they true?

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The homeschool mom myths….Chances are you have either heard them or have thought them yourself.  I’ll be honest before I started homeschooling some of these thoughts crossed my mind.  I had a stereotype of the homeschool mom in my head that was very far from reality.  Truthfully homeschool moms are normal, everyday moms.  We just use a different education path.  So here are the homeschool mom myths that I heard (or thought) prior to homeschooling.

Homeschool Mom Myths from Homeschool Balance

1).  We have it all together

I just seriously laughed out loud.  This is not true at all, and some of us are actually a hot mess.  This is a stay at home mom position on crack.  Let me stress something to you….Our children are here ALL DAY LONG.  We are probably more organized than most moms, simply because we have to be to survive.  Don’t feel like you must have life in perfect order to homeschool.

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2).  We have unending patience

I hear this one a lot, “I would never have the patience to homeschool.”  Guess what, some days I don’t either.  If I am honest, most of the days end with patience in short supply.  However, over time our children know what we expect, and we all find our groove together.  I always joke that if you pray for patience God calls you to homeschool.

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3).  We judge public school moms

Nope, not true at all.  You have your educational beliefs, and we have ours.  Some of my closest friends are public school moms.  Also, please don’t feel like you have to rationalize your reasons for choosing public school.  To each his own.  Homeschooling is not the path for everyone.

4).  We all wear denim jumpers

I will be honest, this one was mine.  In my mind, I assumed all homeschool moms have a closet full of denim wear, each one embroidered with cute apples.  However, my closet is still void of all jumpers, denim or otherwise.  Actually, I’m not sure I have ever run across the denim jumper homeschool mom.

5).  We all have a minimum of 6 children

I have two children, and most of the people I know have two or three.  I don’t think I actually know anyone with six. It would make the day more interesting though.

6).  We are lazy

Someone actually said this to me.  When I started homeschooling a lady informed me that most homeschool parents just didn’t want to wake up to put their children on the bus.  Say what?  Trust me, most days it would be WAY easier for me to make a bus stop run.  I’m sure there are some lazy homeschooling families, but they are not the norm.

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7).  We are all crafty and hands-on

I wish!  Most of the time I could be the poster child for Pinterest fails.  I really wish I was an artsy person, but unfortunately, I’m not.  Typically I stay out of my children’s art projects, so I don’t mess them up.  I do feel like I’m getting a little better the longer I’m at it though.

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8).  We have a bunch of extra time

No, I cannot babysit full-time for you, please don’t ask.  I love to help people out, really I do.  However, If you would visit my house in the middle of the day, you would be afraid to leave your children with me.  Most of the time there are mountains of papers to grade, laundry to fold, and dishes to wash.  In addition, there is a NEVER ending cycle of meals to cook.  Also, please don’t be offended when we don’t volunteer to work the fundraising drive at the local soccer field.  We simply don’t have time.

9).  We are all super intelligent nerds

Seriously?  Have you read this blog?  Please don’t go searching for grammar or spelling errors, because I am quite certain you will find them.  A better term for us is “resourceful.”  We may not know how to do it, but we know how to find someone who does.  Please don’t let intelligence (or lack thereof) stop you from homeschooling.

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So there you have it, the homeschool mom myths!  How about you? What are some homeschool mom myths that you have heard, or maybe even thought?  In the end, don’t let the homeschool mom myths distract you from your journey, or keep you from beginning it.  Ready to take the leap?  Check out my 15 homeschool tips for beginners.

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