The Resort at Glade Springs- The Good, The Bad, & The Just Okay

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Recently my family of four visited the BEAUTIFUL Resort at Glade Springs in Daniels, WV. The resort boasts 4,100 acres in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains.  The property itself is located about 15 minutes from Beckley, WV and is extremely close to some of the best whitewater rafting around.  They offer a variety of packages and services, but we chose to book our stay under the “Play All You Want” package.  The package included a one night stay at the resort, breakfast, and an activity wristband for four people; all at a VERY reasonable price.  So without further ado, here is my unbiased review of The Resort at Glade Springs.

The Good

First off, the resort itself is GORGEOUS.  From the moment you drive through the gate everything is well-tended and top-notch.  The property contains three beautiful golf courses, an equine center, Mallard Lake, a leisure center, a spa, and multiple lodging types.  During our visit the crowd levels were very low at the resort, more than likely because most public schools were still in session, and it was the middle of the week. The check in process was smooth, and we immediately made our way to our room in the Inn.  The room was very spacious and clean.  We dropped our bags and moved on to our activities almost immediately.

There are an immense amount family adventures available at the resort. We are an active, fun-loving family, and we were NOT disappointed.  The resort boasts an impressive activity list, and most of these were included with our wrist bands.  They do recommend reservations for some of the more popular attractions.  Our first scheduled activity was Outdoor Laser Tag.  This was the first time we had played laser tag as a family, and I have to say we had a blast.  The weather was perfect, and the course is located in a nice wooded area, making it the perfect spot for play.  The activity guide was personable and fun.  We were able to fit several rounds into our hour-long session.

We had booked an Escape Room immediately following laser tag so the activity guide took us to our next destination.  We were concerned with how the girls would be in an Escape Room, but they both loved it.  The resort offered an Egyptian theme, as well as a Titanic room.  We failed to escape the Egyptian room, but later succeeded in the Titanic Room.  The room sparked a Titanic interest in my girls that has carried on for a couple of weeks now.  As a homeschool mom this made me extremely happy.

After the Escape Room we called a shuttle and made our way to Mallard Lake for kayaking.  This is a small lake, but very nice.  We were the only people there, and this was one of our more relaxing activities.  We managed to see several turtles and geese during our float.

We finished the night at the Bowling Center.  The resort offers 10 bowling lanes so it was very spacious, as well as clean.  My youngest daughter was not impressed with the shoe selection, and my husband smoked me as usual, but overall we had a blast.

The Activity Band also included the indoor/outdoor pool, disc golf, fishing, tennis, basketball, bike rentals, geocaching, volleyball, ladder-ball, and an archery course that my youngest wasn’t quite old enough for yet.  They also have a cinema that shows scheduled movies, but these do not play on Thursdays.  It really didn’t matter though, because we were exhausted at the end of the day.

I can’t say enough about the entire staff of this resort.  Everyone was amazing!  They were all friendly and attentive, and especially great with the kids.  Each one really went above and beyond the usual level of service.

The Bad

Now on to the bad, and there really isn’t too much to say here.  Our only complaint was the mattress in our room.  A piece of plywood would have been more comfortable. This was frustrating after a long day, but I have read that they have updated some of their bedding.  I’m not sure if this includes their mattresses, but I hope so.

The Just Okay

I have to put the food in the “just okay” category.  It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it really wasn’t anything to write home about either.  We had dinner at Bunkers on our first evening.  I would compare it to Chili’s or Applebees.  We were able to dine on the upper deck, overlooking one of the golf courses, which provided a nice atmosphere. Here again, the service was excellent.  The following morning we had breakfast in The Rotunda.  It was made to order, as opposed to the usual buffet.  I am assuming this was because of the lower crowd level.  The food was once again decent, and the service amazing.  The resort also has a more upscale restaurant, the Glade Grill, as well as some snack bar type options and pizza delivery.

So there you have it…..My long-winded review of The Resort at Glade Springs.  Would we visit again?  Most definitely!  The only real downfall was the bedding, but I am hoping they will change that in the future.  How about you, have you ever visited the resort?  If so, do you have any additional thoughts or comments?  Can’t afford a trip to a resort now?  Check out my “Staycation” ideas instead!

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