Father’s Day – Ways to Make Dad Feel Special

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Hey Friends!  As I’m sure you know Father’s Day is quickly approaching.  My kids love to do something special for dear old dad.  After all, he is the best!  I thought I would throw out a few ideas to make Father’s Day extra special this year.

The Father’s Day Card

Because what dad doesn’t love a heart-felt card, and what kid doesn’t love the mess of making them.  Since we have two girls my husband’s cards are often decked out in pink glitter.  He’s a good sport though.  Here are some great places to find homemade card ideas and templates:

Not into templates?  Then just lay out the craft supplies and let the kiddos go to town.  Maybe even throw in a special one from Mom, and make a point to tell him how much he means to you as well.

The Father’s Day Gift

What better to go with a homemade card than a handmade gift?  Last year the girls and I made daddy a candy “stache.”  It was simple & easy to make, and something that we refilled for him from time to time.  He has a sweet tooth, so it was the perfect gift.  You could always make your own candy jar, or even a custom coffee mug.  How about a painting or something else he could keep in his office?  Or so she says” has a ton of great ideas here.

Making Dad Feel Special

Many times in the chaos of raising our families dad often gets overlooked.  Father’s Day is the perfect time to make him feel extra special.  Why not make him breakfast in bed?  Everyone could pitch in and clean the garage, or maybe make his favorite dinner.  Maybe even let him take a nap.  Make it his day!  For some other super cute ideas check out this post from the Proverbial Homemaker.

So there you go, just a quick note on how to make that awesome dad in your life feel special.  Don’t forget that he needs to hear it from you just as much as the kiddos, so make sure you join in on the fun!

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