How We Became The “Accidental” Homeschool

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How we became The Accidental Homeschool


Growing up I was never like most girls.  I didn’t dream of a husband and babies.  I had never planned my wedding down to the last detail.  Instead I wanted to rule the world.  Fast forward a few years……Inevitably I grew up.  I started chasing dreams, and ended up at a University, perusing a business degree in accounting.  I was going for CEO. Then it happened……Along came a boy (insert blush here).  Not just any boy either, my boy.  You know, the one God picked out especially for me.  We married 8 months later.  I became The Accidental Wife.

Kids?  Not us!  We wanted to travel, plus I’m over here trying to rule the world!  Who has time for that?  Then we were told it might never happen, or at least that our chances were slim.  Well then, maybe we should try, just to see. Nine months later and along came Baby #1.  It was love at first sight.  Suddenly ruling the world didn’t seem so important anymore.  Instead she became our world.  It was only a few short years later and we added her sister to the mix.  I became The Accidental Mom.

When it came time for school we dutifully sent our oldest off to a half day preschool.  She had a good year, but we had some doubts.  As kindergarten approached we started to have misgivings about the local program & the public school system in general.  We began to pray for God to direct our path.  I met a homeschool mom, who to this day is still my mentor.  She encouraged me and I decided that kindergarten was a grade I could easily do at home.  We decided we would send her back next year.  I taught her how to read, how to do basic math, and how to write the entire alphabet. We spent pretty days outside reading on a blanket, and filled our days with crafts & fun, all with the idea that she would eventually go back to “real school.”  That was five years ago.  We fell in love with this way of life. I decided that I love the extra time with my girls, and to watch the light come on when they finally “get it.”  It was then that we became The Accidental Homeschool.

Accidental is defined as “happening by chance.”  Truthfully I don’t believe one single second of my life has “happened by chance.”  I believe God lead me, and directed my path, so I could become what I am today.  What about the girl who wanted to rule the world you ask?  Well, she’s still here, her world just changed.

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