30 Fall Activities for Tweens

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Hey All!  Have I ever mentioned that fall is my favorite time of year?  I love the crisp, clean smell of the air; the scarecrows, the pumpkins, and the apples; and the crunch of leaves under my feet.  My oldest daughter shares this infatuation with me.  Everywhere I look there are loads of fall activities for the younger scene, but not much for older kids.  So with these older kids in mind, I gathered a list of 30 fall activities for tweens. Make sure you stay tuned all the way to the bottom for a special freebie as well.

30 Fall Activities For Tween

Fall Arts & Crafts:

Stuffed Turkey Kids Craft – My tween loves any craft that involves fabric.  This stuffed turkey from Fiskars is rated at a beginner level and is no sew.  If you have a tween that is skilled at sewing they could sew on the parts, instead of using the glue.

Yarn Pumpkin – I can still remember making yarn & glue Easter baskets as a child.  This craft uses the same concept for a pumpkin.  This is one we can’t wait to try!  These can get semi-complicated, so you may need to be available for help on this one.

Fall Slime – I can’t believe that I’m even putting this one on here.  My tween LOVES slime, but I will admit I don’t love the mess.  Anyway, if you are feeling brave this site has 31 DIY slime recipes.  Be sure to have some glitter and fall confetti on hand.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest – Another fun idea is pumpkin decorating.  If you really want it to be exciting hold a family contest to see who can come up with the coolest pumpkin.  Check out some cool no-carve ideas here and here.

Guided Drawing– One of my tween’s favorite pastimes right now is guided drawings.  We love Art for Kids Hub and they have a list of seasonal drawings here.

Fall Movies:

Okay, so as embarrassing as this is, this is my absolute FAVORITE fall movie.  I guess it just brings back memories for me or something.  Maybe this isn’t a good tween movie.  Mine is nice enough to endure it with me though.  Just do it for the sake of tradition!


Because you know that fall means football!  This is one of our family favorites.




Nothing says fall like a movie about some turkeys!  This movie is just funny enough to pass for my tween, even though most animated films don’t anymore.




This one is a brand new one for us this year.  It looks promising though!



(Don’t forget to have some Harvest Popcorn with your movie)

5 Fun Fall Snacks for Tweens:

By the time the tween age rolls around most kids seem to have basic kitchen skills.  These snacks can be completed alone, or at least with very little help.  Now just try to grin & overlook the mess!

1).  Pumpkin Patch Dirt – Nothing says fall like a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Why not let your tween make one at home? This recipe is super cute!  To make it easier sub a snack pack of pudding and these will be ready in no time.

2).  Candy Corn Fruit Snack – Are you looking for something healthier to offset all the holiday sugary treats?  Look no further than this cute candy corn fruit snack. 

3).  Scarecrow Dip Platter – To us, fall equals scarecrows and this scarecrow dip platter from Sprinkle the Fun is super cute!

4).  Fall Snack Mix – How about some cool fall snack mix?  This one from The Resourceful Mama even includes a free printable.  This could even be a Thanksgiving present for friends.

5).  Ice Cream Teepee-Typically this is a preschool activity, but if you make it elaborate enough it will appeal to the older crowd as well.  Don’t forget edible glitter, sprinkles, and plenty of icing.  You can see an example here.

5 Fall Dishes to Fix Together:

The following recipes are a bit more detailed and may need parental assistance to complete.  My tween loves to help in the kitchen and has done so since she was big enough to walk, so she’s pretty kitchen savvy.  If your tween still needs some kitchen assistance just jump in and help.  What better way to bond with your tween than over food?

1).  Pumpkin Pie:  Everyone knows that fall is the season of pumpkin.  Pillsbury has an easy 5 ingredient recipe here. This is a fairly simple recipe so they may be able to tackle most of it on their own.

2).  Carmel Apples:  Nothing says fall like caramel apples….Yum!  Pinterest is loaded with awesome caramel apple recipes.  I really like this one because it gives easy to follow steps.  I would definitely help on this entire recipe.  Hot caramel doesn’t seem safe, even for my kitchen savvy kiddo.

3).  Hot Apple Cider: Oh the smell of hot apple cider….Yummmm.  McCormick has an easy recipe for apple cider in the slow cooker.  If you choose this route parental supervision won’t be needed.  If you are looking for something quicker check out this recipe.  It requires the stove so it may require help.

4).  Apple Butter:  Oh how I love apple butter, especially with fresh apples!  Now you may be thinking of standing outside, stirring a hot kettle over an open fire.  However, that’s not your only option. You can also make apple butter in the slow cooker.  Shocking, I know!  Check out this recipe here.  I put this in the “together” section because there’s a lot of peeling and chopping involved.  Again, this depends on skill level.

5).  Roasted Pumpkin seeds:  This is a family favorite at our house.  It’s easy and a great use for those leftover seeds.

5 More Fun Fall Activities:

1).  Build a teepee:  (Like for real this time)  My tween loves to design and create.  Why not let the kids hit the yard and build a teepee out of whatever materials they can find?  Younger siblings can even help on this one.  Providing some fabric would be a great help, and if you want to add some excitement let them decorate it with fabric paint.

2).  Mayflower STEM challenge: Boats, water, & a challenge.  What’s not for a tween to love?  Check out this cool challenge here.

3).  Pumpkin Catapult:  Check out these neat pumpkin catapults from Playdough Plato.  Why not make it a competition for the whole family?  Watch out for the flying pumpkins!

4).  Pumpkin Clock:  Okay if you love the potato clock, wait until you try the pumpkin one.  Check it out here.

5).  Pumpkin Elevator: Looking for another cool activity?  Why not build a pumpkin elevator?  Check out this project here.

5 Thanksgiving Games:

1).  Shooting Turkeys:  How cool is this game?  To take it up a notch you could skip the helium and hide the balloons around the house.  Even better, take it outside!

2).  Thanksgiving Bingo:  Need a quieter game?  Try this Thanskgiving Bingo on for size.  Make sure you use candy for game pieces.  Thats the fun part.

3).  Mad Libs:  I love Mad Libs.  They always turn into hilarious fun.  Check out a Thanksgiving version here.

4).  Thanksgiving Pictionary: A Thanksgiving version of a family favorite.  Check out some topic ideas here.

5).  Minute to Win It: Need more ideas?  Check out these 12 minutes to win it type games that have Thanksgiving themes.

There you have it!  30 fall activities for tweens.  Tell me, which one do you think will be your tweens favorite?  Looking for more awesome activities?  Check out my Pinterest board.

30 Fall Activities for Tweens