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10 Vegetables for your Family to Try Today

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How does your family feel about vegetables?  I won’t lie, we used to turn our nose up at them here.  You know what the problem was though?  We weren’t branching out near enough.  Once we started trying new things we actually discovered we liked more vegetables than we thought.  So today I thought I would share 10 of my favorite vegetables with you.

10  Vegetables for your Family to Try Today!


Oh, cabbage… I love thee!  There’s just so much you can do with cabbage.  It’s delicious thrown in soups or in a coleslaw, but I have a cabbage breakfast secret.  We LOVE cabbage fried in coconut oil and sprinkled with Cajun seasoning.  Throw a fried egg on the side and this is AMAZING! For the long version check out my sausage breakfast cabbage!


Before we started our health journey I would have NEVER eaten okra.  Now I love it fried in a skillet with Ranch seasoning.  Want to know the main secret?  Cook it until the “slime” is gone.  Pickled okra is another favorite here.  You can find it near the pickles in most grocery stores.  Yes, I know you can eat fried okra, but try this first.


Zucchini can be fixed a variety of ways.  Sometimes I chop it and fry it with ranch or Cajun seasoning.  I also love it sliced thin, sprinkled with parmesan, and baked in the oven until tender.  You can even use a vegetable spiralizer and serve it as noodles.  Yum!  Check out my favorite way to fix it here!


Carrots are sweet and yummy, not to mention full of vitamin A.  One of my favorite ways to cook these little jewels is in the Instant Pot.  I love them topped with cinnamon and sweetener.  Check out this Instant Pot recipe for carrots.  It’s quick and easy, plus full of sweet goodness!

Green Beans

My family loved green beans even before we went healthy.  However, don’t think about just opening a can.  Good green beans require a little bit more work than that.  Luckily these can be done in the Instant Pot.  Here’s a great recipe.  Green bean fries are another great way to eat this delicious veggie.  Check those out here.

Brussel Sprouts

I know what you might be thinking…..yuck right?  However, have you seen the smashed brussel sprouts that are taking the internet by storm?  These aren’t your grandma’s brussel sprouts! Look at this great recipe.  Brussel sprouts offer an abundance of health benefits.  You can check some of them out here.  Don’t wait, add in some brussel sprouts today!


Now you will NOT hear me telling you that cauliflower tastes like mashed potatoes.  I’m sorry, but it doesn’t.  However, it is good in its own respect.  Just don’t expect mashed potatoes!  Here is a great recipe!


I’m a HUGE mushroom fan and as far as vegetables, this is probably at the top of my list!  I seriously can’t get enough of them.  These little gems are awesome on a pizza, thrown in spaghetti sauce, or on a salad.  However, I also like them as a stand-alone side like in this recipe.  Try them on top of a grilled steak or chicken!


Spinach is brimming with health benefits!  (You can check out some of them here.)  Not only is it healthy, but it’s also delicious and versatile.  My husband can’t stand cooked spinach so I throw it into a salad for him,or add it to a wrap.  I love it cooked and sprinkled with salt and parmesan.


Asparagus has been a favorite of mine since I was a child.  I love it pan roasted and drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil.  Top it with some salt, parmesan, and garlic and you have a delicious treat!  Check out the recipe here.

So there you go my 10 favorite vegetables and how I use them!  What are you waiting for?  Try them today!  Want more great meal ideas?  Check out my Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Moms!

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