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       Welcome to Homeschool Balance!  

Do you feel overwhelmed & scattered? Do you wish there were more hours in your day?  Boy, do I understand that!  See, I’m walking your path, and I have been for some time now, so I see you sweet mom.

I know what it’s like to wonder where your day went, or to feel like you have been on your feet all day, but really didn’t accomplish anything.  I know that homeschooling can be sheer frustration, and amazing joy, all wrapped up in a very long day.   Guess what though?  I’ve learned a few tricks that help make my day run a little smoother, so I want to share those with you.

So now, let me introduce myself.  First off, I am a born again Christian, one who hopes to always be found fulfilling God’s will for my life.  My awesome husband & I have been married for 15 years, and we have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, one 11 & one 7.  We started our homeschooling journey 6 years ago, and it’s always been an adventure.

Another random fact……Before becoming a mommy I was an accountant. Many would see that as a “wasted” career for a homeschool mom.  Not me!  Instead, I decided to take everything I learned about business and use it to manage our home.

So do you need to know how to be more efficient with your time?  How about learning to create a plan the works for YOUR home?  Then you are in the right place!  Do I know it all?  No way!  I am learning all the time, but I would love to share the part I do know with you.

What else do I love?  Well, I’m glad you asked! 
  • The Bible is my first love, so I am very passionate about my studies.
  • I love to cook, and could discuss simple, healthy food ALL DAY LONG.
  • My family & I love to have fun and travel.
  • Finally, I really like to socialize, so I would LOVE to hear from you.  You can contact me at or via my Facebook page.

So welcome to my site…….Grab a cup of coffee & look around.  I hope to see you back more often.  For now check out some of my favorite posts.

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